Symposium on Hernia and Abdominal Surgery in Inner Mongolia

2018-08-17 10:10:00
李曉霞 程莉麗

On August 17, 2018, the Seminar on Hernia and Abdominal Surgery in Inner Mongolia (Ulan Chabu Station) was successfully held in the Central Hospital of Ulan Chabu. Vice President Yun Lifeng presided over the meeting. The leaders of the meeting were Professor Chen Jie, Director of Hernia and Abdominal Surgery, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, Professor Liu Ziwen, General Surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Xiong Maoming, First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Vice President Hou Xing, Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Zhao Erdeni, President of the Central Hospital of Ulanchabu, Mongolia, and Wumei, Vice-President of the Central Hospital of Ulanchabu, Mongolia.

President Zhao Erdeni and Professor Chen Jie delivered speeches respectively. Professor Chen Jie also issued certificates and plaques for the China Hernia Association-Registration and Follow-up System Branch Center for the Central Hospital of Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, and encouraged the Branch to work earnestly, hoping to do a good job in the registration and follow-up work in the future.

Subsequently, Professor Chen Jie's team's surgical presentation directly introduced the process of the conference to the theme of the symposium. Professor Chen Jie's team demonstrated 13/19 cases of hernia and abdominal wall surgery. Professors Liu Ziwen, Xiong Maoming and Hou Xingxing gave excellent comments. Liu Ziwen, Xiong Maoming, Chen Jie, Liu Sujun, Sun Li and Zhao Xuefei gave brilliant academic speeches to the participants during the operation. Li Xiaoxia, director of the Chinese Journal of Hernia and Abdominal Surgery (electronic edition), introduced to the participants the matters needing attention in contributing to the series of magazines of the Chinese Medical Association, and the management process of the China Hernia Registration and Follow-up Center. Lily explained to you the significance of the registration and follow-up work and the data bulletin, making the day's activities more compact and rich.

Under the overall chairmanship of Liu Ziwen, Hou Xingxing and Xiong Maoming, the atmosphere of the conference was warm and academic atmosphere was strong. Everyone expressed their opinions on the hot issues of surgery and lecture content and had a heated discussion. This conference strictly abides by the basic principles of surgical treatment of hernia and carries out standardized operation. It promotes grass-roots hospitals to cultivate professional personnel of hernia surgery, so that patients with hernia can get ideal curative effect.

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