Product Brief

Beijing Tianzhu Changyun Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of surgical hernia repair products. There are four series of polypropylene hernia patches, partially absorbable hernia patches, partially absorbable composite patches and absorbable fixtures. The products have diversified materials, complete categories and specifications, and can meet the needs of tension-free hernia repair. The market has covered all parts of the country, and overseas business development has begun to take shape. With the vigorous support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing and Chaoyang District Government, we deeply feel that innovation is the foundation of the development of enterprises. We actively explore, keep forging ahead and strive for perfection in research and development and technology, and constantly fill the gap of hernia repair materials in China. At present, we hold 28 patents authorized at home and abroad. New product composite patches have received national science and technology. The Ministry's Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (09C26211100033) has supported the research and development for six years, filling the gap in the production of composite patches in China, and has obtained the registration certificate of the State Pharmaceutical Administration (Registration Certificate No. 346088, 2014).

The company's long-term standardized operation has created a high reputation and reputation of Shanshi Brand in the domestic market. Since 2009, it has surpassed Bard Company and Johnson & Johnson Company in the field of hernia repair subdivision, and achieved and maintained the first good results in the domestic market share.